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Together we can do so much
The Club intends to instill stronger spirit by joining hands and thereby bring out the best in each other, whether it’s law, literature, sports, leisure & more….

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Be a part of the prestigious professional club.


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Create professional connection & build lasting friendship

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Surprise others with your literature, arts, sports and other expertises.


The Club is handheld by a governing body consisting of 50 legal luminaries and retired Judges of India.
An exclusive Club for lawyers, by lawyers, from lawyers .

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Connect with best lawyers, attorneys & legal advisors around the globe, based on the area of specialty and place of practice.

Consult Best Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors in India

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Change the perspective of legal fraternity.

The Club looks forward to create an International legal community, through which the lawyers from all over the globe can connect seamlessly .

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A complete online solution for lawyers

The Club looks forward to unite the community online and develop an engine for professional growth. Get a single, shared view of members and their overall activities.

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Advocate's club

What justice is about

The icons of the Indian law was having their views on the legal system of the country. .

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Law is not a trade, not briefs, not merchendise, and so the heaven of commercial competetion should not vulgerise the legal profession.
- Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

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Judges should be of stern, stuff and tough fibre, unbending before power, economical or political and they must uphold the core principle of the rule of law which says “be you ever so high, the law is above you.”
- Justice P.N. Bhagavathy

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The most important things- justice, equality, liberty, secularism. These are concepts & if u teach your child when six or seven, they keep them for the rest of their lives.
- Justice Leila Seth

Premium Membership Features

Annual Premium membership is issued to lawyers to ease and leverage the purhases and previlages on the strength of being a member of the legal profession.

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What legends said

Legends of the bygone era expressed their views about the legal profession.

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Charles Dickens

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers. - Charles Dickens

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Joseph H. Choate

You can not live without lawyers, and certainly you can not die without them. -Joseph H. Choate

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Franz Kafka

A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000 word document and calls it a “brief”. - Franz Kafka

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Benjamin Franklin

Don’t misinform your doctor nor your lawyer. - Benjamin Franklin

Articulate your thoughts

Impress your friends, family and collegues by displaying your writing skills on varying topics

What the Club is about

The club is an exclusive meeting point of the lawyers around the globe to participate in activities of similar interest and to know each other

Acquire knowledge

Communicate with top professionals & use the latest tools to improve skills.

Legal conclaves

Participate in International & National webinars, seminars & conferences and get to share your views.


Exhibit / upgrade the writing skills and knowledge sharing through blogs and articles.

Foster brotherhood

Judiciously perform the responsibilities to the society by developing leadership skills and foster brotherhood in the community.


Acquire empirical knowledge from associating with the leading lights of the legal community.

Upgrade relations

Promote inter cultural relations and welfare by indulging in the activities of the community.

Convoke sports

Convene / participate in sports events to leverage the mind, body and soul.

Better communication

Enhance your eloquence over the language to effectively communicate, draft and display conveyancing skills.

Free directory

Create an international directory to get connected with lawyers across the globe.

Premium Membership

Get discounts in more than 1000’s of business establishments on daily purchases and get privileged entry into various airport lounges across India. Get instant recognition and command respect in the society on the strength of your profession

Mission & Vision

The club is formed to provide the most efficient and cost effective way to get connected to the community of lawyers around the globe. The club is operated and maintained at the highest standards as is expected from an exclusive professional club.