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Careers People will always need lawyers. However, plenty of job options exist within the legal field beyond becoming a lawyer. Developments in the law and technology have also created new legal career opportunities.

Core Legal Careers

Core legal careers are those positions that are most often thought of when the field of legal services is considered.


Lawyers advocates for their clients' rights. They may do this through negotiation with other parties to a lawsuit or through litigation. They effectively steer the ship. The failure or success of a business or an individual dispute begins and ends with the abilities of its lawyers.

Careers in Legal and Administrative Support

The practice of the law requires the support of many professionals in a variety of specialized fields. These professionals provide information to the attorneys who represent the case in trial. Compliance Specialist

A compliance specialist is an employee who implements and oversees corporate compliance with applicable laws and policies, both locally and at the federal level. The position may include training employees in compliance procedures.

IT Careers in Litigation Support

In the internet-driven age, good technical support is essential to a great legal practice. Litigation support professionals can require both technical savvy and an understanding of the law. Litigation support professionals work with software and applications to manage case data that's crucial to litigation.

Another important position is E-discovery professionals. These roles are similar to that of a litigation support professional but mostly focuses on discover. They work with the exchange of information pertinent to a case between the courts and parties to a lawsuit—rather than the totality of a case file. Discovery is being condensed into electronic storage, mediums more and more in the millennium.

The document coder is largely a data entry position. The coder maintains a system to identify and access the various documents in a case file. It's typically an entry-level position in IT litigation support.