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About Us

About Us.


To provide an online platform for lawyers to link each other and create a brotherhood and connectivity in the community To develop, install & implement decision support systems for laywers. To automate the processes to provide transparency in accessibility of information to its stakeholders.

To enhance productivity, both qualitatively & quantitatively, to make the justice delivery system affordable, accessible, cost effective, predictable, reliable and transparent.

The activities of the Club is conceptualized on the basis of the need for a common platform for lawyer community globally.

A governing body consisting a minimum of 50 legal luminaries and retired judicial officers across India is leading and handholding the activities of the Club.

The Club is a global project, monitored and funded by various schemes formulated for the efficient running of the Club and advertisement and sponsorship income from various sources.

With continuous updation, the Club is serving as a source of information to the lawyer community and all the stakeholders. It is regularly analyzed for meaningful assistance in policy formation and decision making